City Innovation

CIH believes that technological innovation can change our city & make our world more humanized, diversified & civilized.

About Us

City Innovation Horizon (CIH), previously named as City Innovation Hub, is a non-profit and non-government entity formed by innovators and academic & industry professionals from Europe, America and Asia Pacific to facilitate the humankind technological innovation for city.

Located in Hong Kong, CIH aims to facilitate the deployment of smart technologies like Communication Technologies, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence to change the city’s behavior & improve the quality of urban life.

Professional teams

CIH founding members are professors, CEOs, senior executives and domain experts in Europe, Hong Kong & APAC. We collaborate with hundreds of friends & partners worldwide.

Know more about our Advisory Board at here.

We strive to have the relief of urban problems and promotion of the innovation technology to facilitate the development of city’s innovation through collaboration programs of academics, industries, public s.ectors and citizens to create an ecosystem to better the city development